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Chloe Pourmorady is an award-winning artist known for the versatility of her creative expression. A recent winner of both the Global Music Awards and Independent Music Awards for debut album,"Begin Majesty," the music she creates is innovative and imaginative, influenced by tradition, yet modern. Chloe has comfortably sang in over 10 languages, plays violin, kamancheh, and guitar, and writes music in many different styles; instrumental, liturgical, folk, modal, and more. 


Chloe studied music and pedagogy in the U.S. and abroad, blending global influences into her work. Chloe currently works as a music educator, an active musician and composer, and is involved in spiritual leadership as well. Inspired by art, prayer, truth, and life, she hopes to leave her listeners feeling elevated through songs of hope, prayers of love, and words of truth. 

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