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Chloe Pourmorady is an award-winning Iranian-American artist known for the versatility of her creative expression. Her vocal and musical agility has led her to comfortably sing in over 10 languages, crossing over between folk, contemporary, and classical stylings. She writes and composes her own music in many different genres, mostly in the vein of world-rock-fusion. Chloe commonly utilizes poetry and liturgy from her own culture, inspired by the power of ancient languages. She has playfully been named "Sufi Al-Green Pop Minister," using music as a means to carry themes of empowerment, healing, and spiritual truth.


A recent winner of both the Global Music Awards and Independent Music Awards for debut album,"Begin Majesty," (Chloe Pourmorady Ensemble), she has performed in numerous cultural centers, performing arts centers, and in festivals in the US and abroad. She has collaborated with orchestras, bands, and a number of world artists. Chloe joyfully delivers music with her whole heart and simply hopes to leave listeners elevated and inspired after each performance. 

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