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When every cell in your body is singing.

Summer Workshop with Chloe Pourmorady – August 2020

Information and Application 

Chloe Pourmorady is offering a 3-week summer workshop exploring the voice, improvisation, world music, body movement, and spirituality. 


Taking place on 3 Sundays in August from 10am-12pm,


Participants will…

  • Get comfortable using their voices and exploring them in different ways,

  • Overcome the fear of improvisation,

  • Bring flexibility to their vocal and global palette by singing repertoire in different languages.

  • Compose music in a short time and discover their unique creativity.


Each class will begin with a conversation on the energy of the week & other warm-up topics from spiritual sources. 


WHO: This workshop is for adults. Open to musicians AND non-musicians; to anyone who wishes to broaden their creativity or try something new. 


WHEN: 3 Sundays Aug 9, 16, and 23, from 10am-12pm


HOW: Fill out the application below.


WHY: To create a holistic workshop that inspires participants to expand, challenge, and nourish their creative spirits. 

COST: $200 total.


*This workshop is only limited to 7 participants as we will be honoring social distance regulations in a private outdoor location in West Los Angeles. 


To apply for Chloe Pourmorady's summer workshop please fill out the information below: 

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